Meme Bodo
Workshop Coach

Emanuele Bodo - by stage name B Meme - is a dancer with a diploma and has been teaching at dance schools across Europe for many years. In 2013 he graduated as a professional hip hop dancer at the renowned Parisian "Juste Debout School" and in 2014 he obtained the Urban Music Certificate at SAE institute of Paris. He is the cofounder of the Berlin dance school "Trybe Dance Studio" and teaches health-oriented movement classes in addition to hip hop, which are known as movement-teaching.

Rhythm & Music

In this workshop you will explore the world of rhythm that unites movement and sound. You will be discovering how your body can become a musical instrument, creating grooves through bounce and body percussion. You will experiment the rhythmic consequences of the “breath in motion” and play with your dance the emotions that only music can give.

Hip Hop Groove

Learn Hip Hop dance and principles in the most fun way: PLAYING! Get new inspiration from partner work, challenge yourself, rediscover the joy and simplicity of dance and movement. Learn how to express yourself with your body through Hip Hop dance (and beyond) and discover the very fundamental of Hip Hop: the Groove!