Coming from different performance backgrounds both international artists have made big steps in their fields. In the circus world, Toan made many appearances at festivals and won several awards. More far away from the stage of show entertainment, Dat made a name of himself in the urban dance community after competing in Paris at the dance battle “Red Bull Dance Your Style”. Paris is known for the being the hotspot for urban dance culture and in this city he also graduated from the renowned “Juste Debout School” as a professional Hip Hop dancer. Both artists have their heritage in Vietnam and moreover they are connected with their joy to acrobatics & dance.

The performance DAT FUNK invites the audience to have fun where the art form circus & urban dance fusion to a universal & global language.

Video by PanRay (Pranay Werner)


Additionally to their show they also participate in championships. During the qualifier for the urban dance world championship “Juste Debout” in Rotterdam they made it to the top 8 in the category Locking.