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About us

Born and raised in Berlin The Funky Monkeys bring different ethnicities together. Brazil, Vietnam and Germany fuse into one. As different and colourful as their roots are the Monkey’s acts. This is not only reflected in their performances, but in their career beginnings and their CVs. While some of them only came in contact with artistry as such in their late youth, others grew up in renowned circus and artist families. But what they all got in common is their love to create and their passion for movement, dance, acrobatics and entertainment.

Authenticity, personality and honesty are the Monkeys’ principles, which results in unique and exceptional shows that sometimes go against the norms of the entertainment and artistry world, but never become inaccessible for wide audiences.

But in the contrary, contemporary and urban influences keep The Funky Monkey’s acts fresh and hopefully make artistry, circus and dance accessible for new generations. Not to rest, to keep improving and to deliver marvellous performances are the names of the game. Therefore, The Funky Monkeys steadily expand and diverse their network, building up long lasting relation- and partnerships. The team is on their way to establish a platform for entertainment artists that hopefully brings some innovation and fresh air into a sometimes stale branch.


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Even before The Funky Monkeys performed professional, they put their acrobatic skill in competitions under test. Beginning in children and youth circuses they now hold the title “Germany’s Acrobatics Champion” in their company.

In the State’s School for Circus Berlin they could professionalize their bodies and skills for a wider audience.

Additionally, The Funky Monkeys keep on learning and improving by visiting workshops and seminars for acting, improvisation and comedy to always ensure a high quality in every aspect of their art.


And all of Germany, The Funky Monkeys are the only artist that can also perform authentic urban and contemporary dance on a high level.

They further educate themselves on an international scale and cooperate and learn with dancers and choreographers. Breakdance, Hip Hop, House, Locking and Popping are their ways of expression and the Monkeys attend battles to prove their skills.

These dancing abilities naturally influence all the Monkey’s acts and enriches them with excellent motions, forms, musicality, aura and originality.


After collecting wonderful experiences on stages all over the world, The Funky Monkey wanted to fulfil another wish they had.

They wanted to bring their background, lifestyle and art to a new audience. From now on it’s “From the street, for the street”. Therefore, the Monkey created and performed their first Street Show in 2018.

They not only showed that they can work professionally in an unusual and erratic environment, but that they can catch and keep the attention of anybody! No audience is harder to enthral than the busy people in a metropolis.

Many of our Awards and Shows can be seen here:

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